New therapeutic relationships away from an accessory principle position

Method: 27 readers in the ongoing therapy were questioned to complete procedures of adult attachment and you may client attachment on their therapists. Additionally, five professionals have been questioned pertaining to the perceptions of its counselor therefore the healing relationships.

Findings: Decimal data ideal you to client attachment may be activated in the framework of healing dating. Specifically, ‘Dependence on Approval’ try somewhat on the one another ‘Fearful/Avoidant’ and you may ‘Preoccupied/Merger attachment with the therapist’; ‘Preoccupation during the Relationships’ try definitely synchronised so you’re able to ‘Preoccupied/Merger connection so you’re able to therapist’. Qualitative findings next ideal your counselor functions as an accessory profile to own website subscribers

Implications getting practice: This new therapeutic relationship include top features of an accessory dating and therapists are usually viewed by members once the a safe reason for mining.