Next to a house, the car is the most expensive investment you’re going to have. Like the house, you have the responsibility to clean it and maintain it so it is on its working condition for many years to come. Usually, the wear and tear will show off after a year of purchasing the car, which also depends on how regularly you have it cleaned.  


The exterior care like waxing and cleaning should be part of your regular maintenance. This will ensure you that your vehicle will always run at its optimum capacity. Auto detailing service Hawaii is not only about the cleaning, it’s also about fixing damages done to the components and other parts of the car.  

The following are helpful tips when it comes to maintaing your car.  

Wash the Car 

One of the best ways to keep the car’s exterior clean all the time is to wash it. Washing the car will help you remove the dirt and debris you accumulate during your trip outside. عدد بطولات كريستيانو مع البرتغال  Washing it will also reduce the risk of car rusting. لعب القمار عبر الانترنت When you wash the car, make sure you do it in the shady spot, during evening or morning.  

Get a bucket and fill it with water and concentrated car cleaning solution. Wet the exterior surface of the car and use a washing mitt when cleaning the surface. Start at the roof and make your way down. Always use a cleaning solution for cars and a washing mitt. Once you’re done in the upper part of the car, clean the wheels last. أصل لعبة الدومينو   

Check the Engine Oil 

Do this once a month so ensure a properly working vehicle. If you find yourself with the need to routinely add oil or if you always notice an oil leak, you should be alarmed. Find the leak so you can fix it sooner. When you check the engine oil, park the ca on the level ground so you can have an accurate dipstick reading.  

Check Tire Air Pressure 

Before you go to a long road trip, check the inflation pressure in each tire using a tire-pressure gauge. Make sure you do the check-up when the tires are cold. Use the inflation pressure which is recommended by the manufacturer. Inspect the tires for uneven cuts, bulges and wears you see.  

Inspect the Exhaust System 

If you want to do the under-car inspections yourself, check for the exhaust systems that are already rusting and clamps that are loose. If you go to shop for oil change, you can also ask them to check the systems I mentioned. When you drive, listen to the exhaust sound if ever there are changes. If there are problems, it’s recommended to replace the exhaust system all at once.  

Look at the Brakes 

If you want to do the brakes check-up yourself, remove all the wheels and examine the brakes. If there are worn linings and paddings, machines drums and badly scored rotors, replace them right away. If you always drive a lot of miles, make sure that you check the brakes at least twice per year.