The latest climax will come during the wall structure, whenever Hector removes their head protection so you can accept his kid

It’s utilized by Telemachus so you can denote his longing for his absent dad (step one

process in which for each dissociates themselves regarding the business to which he or she generally belongs, and you may assimilates himself for the sphere of almost every other. Meanwhile, a stress is create while the story concentrates on brand new problem from the processes: Hector gets in the industry of Troy but does not really fall in there; Andromache’s ability to mode in this world, which is the girl best sphere, was temporarily frozen. Since the one of his true principal epithets is actually korythaiolos (“of the radiant helmet”), and since it’s made use of out-of him appear to during the VI,29 the brand new operate takes on a symbol pros, and scratching when off Hector’s furthest distance about world of your battleground. Andromache, on her area, provides Hector advice about the new perform of the war – a change therefore improper regarding possess contributed Aristarchus so you can athetize the newest passing into factor that it was unfitting for Andromache “so you can contend with Hector’s generalship” (an tistra tegein ). New speeches in the wall surface, and especially that of Hector, remove an excellent dichotomy that has been building, not simply about entire earliest area of the Iliad, in the class out of VI, where in fact the opposition involving the urban area as well as the battlefield, between your feminine and you will masculine worlds, is actually arranged.