We are going to pick to which one the Olympian has the brand new magnificence

A true resolution of one’s fighting says away from kleos to your one hand, and philia (“love”) and you may eleos on the other side, is only hit in the event that drama is actually played out completely in the the male domain, because it’s once Publication VI

sion out-of harmony anywhere between face-to-face passions. Andromache’s bleak and you may despairing vision when you look at the XXII, that’s coupled with an enthusiastic acknowledgement one to Hector provides indeed achieved the kleos among Malware as well as the Virus women (XXII.514) for which he’d longed before (VI.442), reaffirms the most incompatibility of your own male and you can female spheres, and you may efficiency me to the industry of the initial five books of one’s Ilz”post. Here, as in XXII, the newest warrior strives to possess fame whatever it takes, and additionally regarding his very own lifestyle and also the bereavement from their partner and you will man. Hector in his satisfaction, and particularly beneath the thrilling dictate away from their aristeia in VIII and his triumph over Patroclus into the XVI, gradually dissociates himself on the area of Troy which in fact had before shaped the cornerstone to possess his brave business. Into the XXII, as he declines the attractiveness of their moms and dads to help you re-enter the wall space of the city, the guy closes their deliberative address having a column and then he affirms the new concern of the quest for fame: Far better bring on the battle which have him [Achilles] whenever it may be.