Sassanid’s lady got heredity legal rights, half around mans (ibid)

In the opinion from marriage, women in this new vision of one’s Sassanids was categorized toward five fundamental sizes: Padishah-zan (king wife), Chagar-zan (servant girlfriend), Yog-zan, Sater-zan and you may Khudsar-zan (self-entrusted, self-dependent), all the benefitting on the civil rights differentially. Padishah-zan totally preferred the new civil-rights. It girlfriend you may sue this lady spouse (Sanjana & Sanjana, 1874–1928 ) and you can succeed your immediately following their demise, and you will preside over the relatives (West, 1882 ). Depending on the spiritual guides away from Mazdak, the marriage ceremonies were held in almost any forms. The facts of these marriages, its consequences and you can monetary relations between your spouses are checked during the which papers.