You to night, Hook walks that have Emma into the diner, in which Robin’s wake will be kept

Emma persuades your to wait exterior basic so she can crack the news gently so you’re able to Regina. Hook really does as the she asks, nevertheless when an excellent tremor erupts in the city, the guy rushes into check up on this lady. Regina is actually amazed and angry one to Hook up has returned while you are Robin has been lifeless, but sets away the girl feelings in support of securing the city regarding chances. Connect in addition to heroes take a look at the the newest time clock tower, where they learn the tremor lead regarding Mr. Gold tethering Storybrooke’s miracle towards some this new Olympian Amazingly. Ahead of they may be able pick Mr. Silver, Henry vanishes so you’re able to New york towards crystal, likely to wreck the wonders in it. From inside the concern the erasure off secret may cause Storybrooke to disappear, Emma and you will Regina follow Henry, if you’re Connect while the anyone else upload Merida, the fresh Merry Guys and Camelot everyone returning to their houses. not, Zelena’s make an effort to intimate the site goes incorrect, once the she, Snow, David, and you will Hook up try removed on some other domain. Since their best possible way household, the brand new Apprentice’s wand, try broken, they search miracle away from good groundsman, Jekyll, to fix they. Jekyll is actually terrified to assist them to, but before they can make certain they are leave, an organized titled Poole comes so you’re able to amazingly taser the team for the unconsciousness. When Hyde chokes Hook up to own proving detection along side identity, Snow persuades your to avoid by discussing how they found it world because of Mr. Silver and his want to help save Belle with the Olympian Crystal. If you find yourself Hyde is away, Jekyll believes to fix the fresh new wand for them once they grab him with these people when they return home. (“Just Your”)

Connect later on gets upwards when you look at the good caged cellphone, together with his friends, the spot where the warden, Hyde, pays him or her a visit and you may accuses her or him where you work with the Dark That

Because the heroes anticipate Jekyll, Killian tries to find the secure along with his connect hand, hence Zelena mocks him to own.