How to Teach Black History

Considering our cultural, economic, and political conditions, educating people about Black History can be daunting, even controversial. You may not know how to teach it to your students, more particularly if your race or ethnicity is different. You may be concerned about the other teachers, the public, and even the families of your students. Be assured you’re not alone. However, remember that children can be agents of change. They are one of the most powerful people to transform society. They can specifically transform racist stereotypes, along with the values and attitudes associated with it.  

The Black History Month is a great time for young people to show this energy, although it’s something that must be done all year-round. One way is to focus on the achievements of the African Americans in Black History. All kids need to know about the Tuskegee, Maya Angelou, Katherine Johnson, Marian AndersonGarrett Morgan, and Josephine Baker 

The Harlem Renaissance  

A great starting point is the Harlem Renaissance, which is also called as the New Black Movement by some writers, scholars, and educators. A range of age groups suit this trend well as it offers a wide variety of resources and it can tap into many teaching styles. It is also relevant today as a community, with black pride origins and black bodies redemption rampant at a time when African Americans were hardly regarded as human beings. This is another example of a time when African Americans profoundly transformed U.S. culture and society by fighting for their own freedoms. 

To history teachers, establishing a Great Migration system could be a good way. Cities like Detroit, Chicago, and New York have some diversity and cultural assets in the Great Migration. Beginning here, students can understand how the oppression of the African Americans happened during South reconstruction in the 1920s.  

The Life of African Americans  

The debate also offers a remarkable incentive for millions to leave the South in search of better life and work as freeMost African Americans went to New York City where they set up their own lives and find for places to enjoy with each other and themselves. They settled in neighborhoods like Harlem. The Harlem Renaissance study offers a few vital celebratory lessons in how the African Americans can survive and flourish despite the terrible realities of gentrification that erased the life of African Americans today in Harlem.  

The Harlem Renaissance gives English teachers numerous academic books to base their lessons from. Harlem Renaissance literary works excel in attracting opportunities for students of all ages to learn. Good materials include the ones coming from Zora NealeLangston Hughes, W. E. B. DuBois, and James Baldwin.  

During the Black History Month, Harlem Renaissance is a great place to start with messages associated with joy, creativity, celebration, elegance, and revolt. Following decades of oppression, African Americans flourished, moving to neighborhoods like Harlem. Though places like Harlem were not ideal when it comes to distance and geography, it cant eliminate discrimination, injustice, and sexism. They offered spaces and resources for the African Americans to heal on their own.  To know more about the subject, check out Through Black Eyes: Unfiltered, a special podcast focusing on this matter.  

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