A garage door opener is an important component of a garage door. That’s why when you buy one; there are a lot of factors to consider. They are available in different sizes and shapes. Do your part by researching more about the garage door opener so you can purchase the one that matches your needs. Follow the guide we prepared for you about buying a garage door opener. كم عدد أوراق الأونو كاملة   

 Garage Door

Determine the Power Needed 

First, determine the power your garage needs. The openers are available in 3 sized: 1/3 horsepower, ½ horsepower, and ¾ horsepower. Consider the size and material of your garage door; determine if you need an opener to lift how many doors. Typically, a 1/3 door opener can lift a single door. But an opener with more horsepower has more durability than the one with less horsepower.  


Decide About the Drive System and other Features 

There are 3 types of drive system: belt drive, screw drive and chain drive. Belt drives are one of the most costly garage openers. It raises and lowers the door on rubber belts. It creates a noiseless opening and closing. The screw drive system has threaded rod to open and close the garage door. It has lower maintenance because it has fewer parts. The chain driven openers have metal chains that lower and raise the garage door. This drive system creates a noisy opening and closing of the door because of the metal clanging. It’s not surprising that you can buy them at a low cost. Decide on the speed too, especially if it really matters to you. The average opener functions at 17.8cm per second.  

Look for a Door Opener Carrier 

You’ve already determined what you need; you now have to look for carriers of Garage Door in Buford GA. Look for businesses that both sell and install garage doors, because they also sell openers. Discuss the things you need. View different brands and models until you find the one that matches your needs.  

Compare Features and Prices 

Once you determine the features of the garage door opener you need, it’s now time to compare the prices and features. This is important especially if you have set your budget already. بطولات الليفر But remember; do not always go with the cheaper priced door openers. Strong and durable garage door opener are mostly costly because of the amazing features it has.  

Examine the Warranties 

Now that you’ve chose your garage door opener, check the warranties offered by the salesman. Look for the ones that cover the parts and motor of the garage door opener parts. The longer the term of the warranty; the better.   


Congratulations! Now that you’ve purchased your new garage door opener, you can now install it. هوت لاين ويسترن يونيون You can have a contractor to install it or if the package deal comes with free installation, go for it. Enjoy your new and amazing garage door opener. You can now open the door without worries.